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User Announcement Discontinuation from February 2023 stopped offering contents from February 2023.
The partners at HotPecs had shortly decide
d to terminate the agreement with the parent company (GNL-Models)

Active users have two options:
1) Continue their membership automatically and their price plan at our new website: You will need to transfer your membership here to the new site with your same email address.

2) Cancel your membership. Active users need to contact us by email at to stop the recurring subscription. You can cancel here >

Alternatively, at GNLMODELS, our main website, it continues to offer similar contents, with focus on Nipple Play and Muscle Worship. Additionally there are many videos from exclusive models and other collections.


We apologize for the confusion and the abrupt decisions we have had to make. Unfortunately, the was not an easy way forward, we would like to thank you as well for your understanding. For the parent organization, GNLMODELS, the journey continues as we work hard to maintain and provide you with sites which are dedicated to your favourite topics including muscle worship, nipple play and fitness models.
If you choose to be part of the journey, we will be happy to entertain you on board.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us by email.



Q: When do I need to transfer to the new site?

As soon as possible. The new site is already active and welcoming new members and current users from  Active users from are offered membership to the new website under the same payment plans.


Q: Do I need to pay again?

No, payments will remain active, migrating over automatically. Users will only need to transfer to the new site, using the same email to sync your account. There is no commitment to remain with the new site. If you decide not to keep your subscription, kindly contact us by email at
Note: The payment description on your bank statement will change from HP Subscription to ZAI Subscription from March 2023.


Q: Will my subscription continue after February?

Yes! We are offering current members to transfer to our new website FREE of charge under the same plans:


Q: What if I don't sign up to the new site? 

You have the option to cancel your subscription with So that we can process it please send us an email at Otherwise your payment plan will continue, even if you don't sign up to the new site.


Q: I am on the Premium Plan, how will this affect me?

On the premium plan, you will continue having access to GNL-Models, as well as the new site.


Q: Why is discontinuing?

After collaborating and partnering with HotPecs for nearly 2 years, they have decided to change business direction. This means, there will be no more direct collaboration with the partner website

⚠️If you need to get in touch regarding an active account or have a question please write to us at
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